Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date 2005-09-23
Date 2002-04-19
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtLike all galaxies, the Sarbylion galaxy is plagued with a myriad of problems. This game is closely based on the popular sci-fi series on Cartoon Network. Unit F99 consists of a group of kids who challenge all sorts of dastardly dino-foes with their DinoBreakers - a robotic dinosaur that can convert to an awesone powere vehicle. In addition to the 16 missions in the game's single-player mode, you can also fight against a friend in vs. mode

- Features 9 different Dinobreakers from the TV Show!
- Complete missions to unlock 2 game original never-before-seen Dinobreakers!
- Transform from vehicle to dinosaur mode or even fight on foot to defeat the enemy!
- Choose the best Dinobreaker for the job! Each has different skills and abilities.
- Upgrade your weapons by unlocking or purchasing new features to destry the threat.
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