dothack Outbreak
Genre Adventure -> RPG
Today's Rank 13803
Date N/A
Date 2005-08-26
Publisher Capcom
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtIn the 3rd chapter of the .hack saga, "The World" continues to deteriorate as the virus spreads out of control. As the outlaw player, Kite, you must choose your strategy wisely. Not only is the OUTBREAK affecting "The World" in the game, but now repercussions are being felt in the real world too. Is there a way to stop this OUTBREAK? Where does

- Characters from the animated TV series .hack/SIGN make an appearance.
- More exciting battles with new equipment and higher skill levels.
- Meet your new comrade - Terajima Ryoko! Face the most powerful monsters so far - Aliens!
- Watch the evolution of the Bracelet as it gains an additional skill - "2128 Drain".
- See the Grunties from the towns develop additional search skills. Raise 2 new Grunties.
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