Driving Emotion Type-S
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2001-01-26
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtYou never know what to expect from a developer such as Squaresoft (makers of the Final Fantasy spin-off Chocobo Racing). When the company wades into the complicated realistic-racing genre, one might expect mixed results. Driving Emotion Type-S is a racing game that runs out of petrol about half way round the track. Driving Emotion Type-S is a rather lacklustre driving game in the attempted vein of fan favourite Gran Turismo; it delivers all the usual options (race mode, vs. mode, and a tournament), PlayStation 2 next-generation graphics, and a handful of exotic race cars (like the Mitsubishi FTO, Nissan Skyline, and TVR Griffith). The courses are well designed and carry the rendering that you would expect of the PS2, but there's a noticeable lack of the animated extras we've grown to expect from games of this genre. The quirky graphics are a little jagged and muddy, especially in the cockpit view, however, EA have made sure that there's more than enough eye candy and detail to take your mind off these small details. The game's vaunted physics engine more or less delivers on expectations, but the game goes into a near fatal spin in terms of control. The game pad is a little too twitchy, resulting in minute tweaking and adjusting with the analogue stick rather than anything resembling actual steering. If you can get used to, and perhaps even forgive, the game's over-sensitive controls, you'll find an interesting distraction from Gran Turismo 3. --Andrew S Bub
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