Dynasty Warriors 3
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 6855
Date 2002-09-24
Publisher N/A
Date 2002-03-22
Publisher THQ
North America Retail Box ArtA great showcase for the PS2, Dynasty Warriors 3 makes both a great hole-up-for-the-weekend title and a good multiplayer party game. The developers must have been busy with many a user test and feedback survey form: most anything you could complain about with DW2 has been overhauled or tweaked, and the combination of these improvements and the addition of the two-player option makes this a truly great PS2 title. If you liked the last version, you will be enthralled with this combination of a compelling story and complex martial arts action. Parents (and anyone else interested in something a little more socially redeeming than some of the games out there) take note: this game is loosely based on remarkable Chinese legends. The violence is well done and subtle, and playing this game could cause your child to pick up a book (something other than a strategy guide). Here's what's changed: new characters--and more characters--all with more unique personality traits great new cinematics (improved visually, and providing a more compelling storyline) RPG-style weapons-management and "found items" two-player games, as cooperative Musou and Free mode and combative single games. fewer life buns, which means players must be more judicious within big battles (and you can no longer think of officers as food sources) important updates are now spoken aloud, instead of just flashing by as screen text more balance in the powers given each character--people other than the big bruisers--including women characters--have their own advantages archers are now even more of a threat, and reasonably indestructible for many maps, you now have to be a general before even thinking of climbing on a horse elephants Here's what has stayed the same (some of these probably should have changed): sparse maps that cause a fair amount of retracing steps that stupid, Limp Bizkit-meets-Yes soundtrack the controls remain the same, which is nice for those of us who built up callouses on the last version --Jennifer Hauseman
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