Dynasty Warriors 5
Genre Action -> Tactical
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Date 2005-03-30
Publisher N/A
Date 2005-06-24
Publisher Koei
Dynasty Warriors 5 Dynasty Warriors 5 United Kingdom Retail Box ArtDynasty Warriors 5 is the greatest Dynasty Warriors game ever. All of the characters will have their own story, and the events will be viewed from the Warrior's own perspective. Moire powerful weapons, smarter soliders and battlefields that are 30% larger, plus reduced fog and more detailed backgrounds. You'll be challenged to make snap decisions in the heat of battle -- and keep advancing into enemy territory to comple your goal and build a Dynasty. Twice as many characters per screen, for the most devastating Musou attacks ever Enhanced battlefield base system challenges your strategy skills in combat

- Massive roster of 48 playable characters -- largest cast ever for a Dynasty Warriors game
- New Jump attacks, new Musou Rage attacks and blazing 9-hit Evolution Combos
- Bodyguard officers give single players Double Musou attacks
- 38 newly designed maps, with environments that have their own look and feel
- Enhanced battlefield base system and intelligent soldiers respond to events more strategically
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Dynasty Warriors 5 North America Retail Box Art

Dynasty Warriors 5 United Kingdom Retail Box Art