Ecks vs Sever
Genre Action -> FPS
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Date N/A
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Based on the upcoming Franchise Pictures movie, this is the story of two spies who are lifelong adversaries. Engaged in a cat-and-mouse hunt, Jonathan Ecks is an FBI agent hunting Sever, a rouge NSA agent. What they learn while trying to kill each is that they may be on the same side, faced with another threat greater than them.

Play as either Ecks or Sever and alternate throughout the game as the storyline progresses, through event persistence see how your actions as one character affect the other
20 action packed single player missions
Incredible weapons, each with distinctive visual, audio and game play effects
Real-world Physics - Enemies topple from ledges, tumble down stairs, and crawl away on hands and knees. Gunshots knock them off their feet, explosions hurl them through the air, and stick them to walls. Surface-specific bullet holes, scorch marks, sparks, steam, smoke, fire, tracers, blood splats, and debris all help bring the levels to life.
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