El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera
Genre Action -> Adventure
Today's Rank 23534
Date 2007-10-29
Publisher THQ
Date 2008-03-28
Publisher THQ
Havoc has been unleashed on Miracle City! Scores of skeletons roam the streets terrorizing the citizens. Out of the chaos, Manny and his alter ego El Tigre emerge as the city's only last hope. Having White Pantera as his crime fighting father and Puma Loco, the infamous super villain, as his Grandpapi, he is torn to choose between good and evil! Will good prevail? Will evil win the day? Only the player can decide. Decide whether to be good or evil. Each action taken in the game will decide the different paths resulting in alternate endings to the game.

Use the stylus to enter exciting fighting combos to battle the undead minions and save the day!
Go into Multi-player mode and be able to play Frida.
Relive your favorite moments from the TV Show!
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