England International Football
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Date 2004-07-08
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Date 2004-04-30
Publisher Codemasters
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtCodemasters England International Football--the officially licensed game of the England national team--sweetens the deal with the inclusion of a free DVD video of football highlights. Yet the real highlight here is the game itself, a very playable entry to the ranks of console football titles. The game itself is a notably improved version of Codemasters' earlier Club Football titles, and it charges you with taking control of the England side and leading them to glory. Interspersed with video clips of the real team in action--more of which can be unlocked as you progress--it's a nicely presented and very playable game, and one with enough options to keep you busy for some time. Particularly of merit is the fluidity of the gameplay. It's pleasantly straightforward to get to grips with the basics, and in little time you'll be enjoying some compulsive, end-to-end matches. Yet invest more time, learn the extra moves that aren't immediately obvious, and England International Football steps up a further gear. Suffice to say, making use of the game's online options does it little harm, either. As you'd expect, the in-game graphics and audio follow the tried and tested television style of presentation, but the inclusion of real life crowd chants certainly adds extra atmosphere. And if you've always harboured ambitions of scoring that last-minute winner, a neat option allows you to design a look-alike of yourself and take to the field in an England shirt. Whilst not yet at the standard of the supreme Pro Evolution Soccer 3, England International Football is nonetheless a very good football game in its own right, and one that's well worthy of the asking price. And heck, that free DVD isn't bad, either. --Simon Brew

- Simple, customized set-up; easily enter league scoring systems and rules
- Powerful 2-in-1 fantasy-football software for a draft-day advantage
- Preseason Tool includes cheat sheets and mock drafts
- Draft-Day Tool tracks draft activity for entire league
- Up-to-the-minute updates on player performance expectations
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