Ephemeral Fantasia
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Publisher Konami
Date 2001-09-07
Publisher Konami
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtKonami made a very strange decision when it chose to release Ephemeral Fantasia in the West. While the selection of role-playing games for the PlayStation2 is currently limited, Konami could have selected from a number of strong RPGs it has published in Japan. Instead the company serves up a mediocre offering in the shape of a game that's originality is negated by frustrating and difficult gameplay, making it appealing only to hard-core RPG fans. Unlike most RPGs, you won't be controlling a warrior. Instead you follow the adventures of a bard named Mouse. Some of Mouse's occupation-related tasks include composing songs and playing rhythm games similar to Konami's Beatmania. Most of the game has Mouse reliving the same day (think Groundhog Day). Although he's stuck in a time loop, he retains the items and allies acquired each time he relives the day. It's an interesting twist but the plot eventually devolves into the usual saving-the-world drivel. The game's graphics aren't going to impress anyone--there are several PS One games that look better. Further hampering playability are several lulls in the game where you have to wait until a certain time until you can progress. This wouldn't be so bad if there were engaging side quests for you to take, but there aren't, so you're often stuck standing around town. When the action does pick up, it's often brought to a halt by extremely long load times. These frustrating aspects combined with the game's difficulty make it a poor choice for casual gamers. --Raymond M Padilla
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