Genre Simulation -> Simulation
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Date N/A
Publisher Capcom
Date 2002-04-26
Publisher Capcom
North America Retail Box ArtKeen to add a different dimension to PlayStation 2 gaming, Capcom have gone underwater with Everblue, the PS2's first deep-sea-diving adventure game. The paper-thin plot revolves around the hunt for clues to the hidden underwater location of a mysterious treasure which has haunted the player's family for generations (apparently)--it's shaky at best, but then console games are rarely known for their cerebellum-stretching plots. Plotline is not what this rather excellent little adventure game is all about, though. Ignore the intro sequences and descend for some slow and rather peaceful action as you clump around the seabed using a wrist-mounted personal sonar to detect and gain hidden treasures, which can be sold to raise cash to upgrade your diving equipment to dive deeper and longer. It's difficult to pinpoint why this is such an engrossing title. Maybe it's the slower-than-average pace of the game, or the shoals of fish that swim lazily past or the intriguing underwater structures that need to be explored in full first-person 3-D. It's all a bit Ecco the Dolphin, only with fewer flippers. There's also a bizarre pseudo-adventure phase above the water where it's necessary to take your diver to get his finds valued and to bed him down for the night. It doesn't really add anything of great value to the game and acts as an unnecessary distraction, but for all the inconvenience it's only a minor gripe when put in context with the rest of the game. Producing something so different must have been a bit of a gamble for Capcom, but to their credit they've pulled it off. This really is a niche title, and it won't appeal to those who'd rather race craft on top of the waves than wander about over acres of seabed, but for those looking for a more relaxing console experience Everblue is really rather good. --Chris Russell
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