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Publisher Atari
Date 2001-03-30
Publisher Ubisoft
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtOne of the first RPGs available for the PS2, Evergrace tells the tale of two social outcasts who are mysteriously transported to another world and tasked with saving the place from evil. A fairly typical Japanese RPG, this a colourful affair that tells its tale at a fairly sedate pace, mixing six parts storytelling to four parts combat to produce an entertaining if not entirely satisfying experience. The Evergrace experience feels a little flat, it was originally a PSOne title that was moved over to the PS2 at a late stage, as the character and world detail fall a little short of the expectations of the average PS2 owner. Wandering monsters are the order of the day, there sheer number overshadowing many of the set piece battles and although combat is relatively easy to get to grips with there are often too many encounters too close together to allow the story to breathe. This gripe aside there's a lot about Evergrace that is appealing. The story, when it gets a look in, is engrossing and encourages the player to progress onwards. Among the nicer touches are the ability to switch between the main characters at will and the high degree of customisation that's possible with weapons and outfits. Mixing coloured gems allows custom spells to be cast on swords (à la Final Fantasy) and for the fashion conscious RPGer clothing can be mixed and matched to suit--really tasteful combinations even prompt shopkeepers to give you a discount on purchases. For those starting out on the PS2 RPG ladder there's a lot to be said for Evergrace, the more adventure-hardened may wish to look to the likes of Scion of Sorcery for an equally Japanese adventure with more action and bigger adversaries.--James Gordon

- Play from the unique perspectives of 2 characters, Darius the swordsman and Sharline the homemaker
- Special feature allows players to switch between characters at any save point
- Offers a unique character building system that's dependent on items and equipment rather than statistical upgrades
- Innovative Palmila Action System features pressure-sensitive combat and different battle techniques between characters
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