Everquest Online Adventures
Genre MMOG -> MMOG
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Date N/A
Date 2003-10-24
North America Retail Box ArtThe intoxicating, immersive world of EverQuest is one well known to PC game players, and now available for the first time on PlayStation2. As with a traditional console-style RPG, EverQuest Online Adventures focuses on exciting combat, questing, and character development. But unlike traditional console RPGs, EverQuest takes the adventure online (with the help of the PS2 network adapter) where you can adventure in a mind-bendingly detailed world. You create and control a single character, and your adventuring party is composed of characters controlled by human players from around the world. The game takes place during the Age of Adventure, approximately five centuries before the original EverQuest for the PC. You will return to a time in Norrath's past, when the city of Freeport is still a new coalition of merchants, and the elves have yet to abandon their ancient homeland completely. To the west, Antonius Bayle the Second has recently been crowned ruler of Qeynos. In the eastern lands, the once great Eldarr Forest has all but disappeared, its trees withering away as the ground beneath it turns to desert sands. The game will accommodate various play styles, from the occasional 20-minute session to the hard-core, hours-on-end playfest. EverQuest offers a massive seamless world packed with cities, dungeons, and huge underground lairs, plus unparalleled character customization that includes multiple races, 13 classes, skills, spells, and abilities. Character avatars have customizable faces, hair, and more. Online, players can team up and fight together, meet friends, form guilds, and become heroes. Multiplayer cooperative combat includes archery and magic. Alas, PlayStation2 adventurers and the legion of PC EverQuest players cannot adventure together, and EverQuest Online Adventures has no offline component--it must be played over the Internet. EverQuest is a multiplayer online game you play via the Internet. A stable Internet connection and a PS2 Network Adapter are required. Sony Online Entertainment charges a small monthly fee for this game, separate from your Internet service provider access charges. The first month of this fee is included in the purchase price of this package. You must provide a valid credit card to register and play. After your first month, you can use your credit card to continue to play.

- Platform: PlayStation 2
- ESRB Rating: Teen (13 and older)
- Genre: Action/Adventure
- Fee required for online play
- Internet service required to access online features
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