Evil Dead Regeneration
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Publisher THQ
Date 2005-09-30
Publisher THQ
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtEnter an all-new Evil Dead experience! as Ash finds himself arrested convicted of murder and sentenced to Sunny Meadows aninstitute for the criminally insane. Though better than the madnesshe escaped hidden within the woods he quickly learns the evil has only become more malevolent. Deep in the basement of an insane asylum the mad Dr. Vingo Reinhard combines technology with The Book of The Dead AKA the Necronomicon to fulfill perverted experiments of his very own. Hell-bent on using science toharness the Necronomicons power the malevolent doctor unleashesthe books all-powerful Evil on the world - creating a new breed of Deadites monsters and experiments gone wrong twisting realityinto a hellish strudel and leaving mankind with that not-so-fresh apocalyptic feeling. It is just too bad for Vingo that judge gaveAsh a straightjacket instead of the needle.. -- SPECIFITCATIONs --------------------------------------ESRB Rating: M for MatureGenre/Category : Action/AdventureSystem : Playstation 2Number of Players : 1On-Line Compatible: Nowww.thq.com
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Evil Dead Regeneration Movie Pack
12.13MB - 308 downloads - 30 August, 2005

Voiced by Bruce Campbell, players will control Ash, the reluctant hero of the series, as they're thrown into a masquerade of evil events, equipped with the latest in prosthetic fashion

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