Genre Action -> Adventure
Today's Rank 23871
Date N/A
Publisher S.C.E.E.
Date 2001-06-08
North America Retail Box ArtExtermination is PlayStation 2's first fully fledged venture into the world of survival horror, combining the classic elements of the genre created by games such as Resident Evil and adding a few neat touches of its own. The story is run-of-the-mill stuff--an Antarctic army base is overrun by slime-spitting aliens; special forces get sent in to sort it out; mayhem and murder ensue with a generous helping of ultra-violence for good measure. Entrance into the military base reveals a dark world of alien intruders, some of which are quite frankly revolting. Graphically, it's all of a very high standard--some of the best-looking effects since the MGS2 demo--which really help to build mood. Sadly, the voice acting owes more to Scooby Doo than Day of the Dead, and at times is frankly diabolical. But if you slide this complaint aside, Extermination is very well executed and contains heaps of the kind of action that keeps you coming back for more. Sony have tried to make this a little different by labelling it a "panic action" game, the idea being that rather than settle for standard survival horror fare the action switches from the relative security of exploration to bursts of intense action, in which the player really needs to act with speed and shooting accuracy. In practice it works very well and the plot develops at a reasonable speed, the action sequences providing plenty of entertainment at regular intervals. As an overall experience, Extermination has earned the right to rub shoulders with the Resident Evil dynasty, but it doesn't quite go that extra mile that would have put it at the top of the horror game tree. That said, this is superb entertainment and a good addition to the library of any self-respecting PS2 owner. --Chris Russell

- Cinematic cut scenes sting together an incredible story of mankind's possible Extermination.
- Action-packed events force decisions to be made on the fly. Can you handle the pressure?
- Run, jump or climb into a frighteningly real environment created by amazing 3D textures.
- Move through real-time spectacular visual scenes that were only accessible in rendered movies of the past.
- Battle mutated creatures as you trudge through extreme weather conditions.
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