F1 2001
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Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2001-10-05
Publisher Electronic Arts
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtElectronic Arts are the undisputed kings of the sports sim and with F1 2001 for the PlayStation 2 they further their already substantial reputation. The basic elements are much the same as other F1-based titles--all the tracks are present, there's a full roster of drivers with up-to-date details and all the manufacturers are comprehensively represented. F1 2001 comes into its own in several areas. Graphically it's the most impressive Formula One title to date and with a hint of motion blur on the onscreen visuals there's an almost tangible sense of speed. Weather effects are truly spectacular; rain in particular is horrific, restricting visibility to a frightening distance. Other truly great additions to the mix are interactive pit stops which allow the player to fully control vital tyre changes, and the addition of Gran Turismo-style driving challenges which help to develop a variety of racing skills. This testing section really helps when making the transition from quick race to full-on Grand Prix mode, even though it can be quite tricky to master. Thankfully, EA have ditched full TV race commentary in favour of radio messages from the pit controller which not only add to the flavour of the game but don't have the infuriating repetitiveness of Murray Walker's ramblings in Sony's Formula One 2001 offering. Perhaps the most impressive inclusion in the game though is proper driver AI. Don't expect to see perfect driving from your opponents because it won't happen--and there's nothing like seeing Jenson Button pirouette past on a tight right-hander and disappear in a cloud of dust--marvellous stuff! --Chris Russell
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