F1 Racing Championship
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 11412
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2001-03-16
Publisher Ubisoft
We must feel sympathy for Ubi Soft: F1 Racing Championship is the second game to be released which competes with the new version of the benchmark title in its field (since Pro Rally 2001 and Colin McRae 2), and there's another GP game from Eidos hot on its heels to coincide with the start of a new season, never mind an update to F1GP3 from Microprose. Like the Rally sector, the approach is decidedly arcade slanted and assumes from the start that you'll be using a joystick or gamepad before you redefine your own keys. Presentation wise, the selection screen music is brilliant and the opening scene suitably "Grand Prix". Two players can compete in a split screen mode although this necessitates an external controller and higher system requirements. You can also play as any of the 22 famous drivers from 11 teams of the 1999 season as you try to grow your career and become champion, including Jacques Villenueve who has finally consented to the use of his name. Careful adjustment is required if using a joystick or steering wheel because in default mode the handling is like driving a dodgem car in places, although there's plenty of help on offer in the form of a racing line indicator to show the best position before breaking into a curve as well as cockpit view to give you rear-view mirror access. Unlike GP3, crashes aren't spectacular and crashes into fellow drivers or walls result in your car being repositioned onto the track. F1 Racing Championship isn't a bad game, it's just that simulation fans will want more to get their teeth into, and casual racers who don't mind the arcade styling will also have the choice of Eidos' newest Grand Prix game and then an update pack to Grand Prix 3 while the season progresses across the world.--Kenneth Henry
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