Ferrari F355 Challenge
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
Publisher Sega
Date N/A
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A game that’s been a long time coming to the PS2, Ferrari F355 is an immense challenge for the dedicated driving game fan--it's undeniably showing its age a little, yet not to the detriment of quality entertainment. Despite the presence of an arcade mode and various driving aids to help break the player into the game, this isn’t the kind of racing game that beginners will easily find enjoyable. Much practice and a patient, tactical approach wins you races here--boy racers are strictly not welcome. But there’s plenty for those more familiar with the genre to get their teeth into--testing courses, good handling, better than expected computer AI cars to go up against, and some really engrossing races for starters. And heck, you get to drive a Ferrari, even if it's only a virtual one. Also, one of the new additions for the PS2 version, the great driver challenge mode, is a thoughtful feature as it continually evaluates your driving skill as well as assessing you via a more traditional stopwatch. Still, no matter how it’s dressed up, this is still a belated port of an admittedly excellent Dreamcast title. Despite commendable cosmetic enhancements and some nice extra options, it’s the same old game at the core of it all, only this time it sits with the likes of Gran Turismo 3. Fortunately, though, Ferrari F355 has good old-fashioned quality gameplay at its core, and it’s not afraid to really test the armchair racer. --Simon Brew
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