Fight Night 2004
Genre Sport -> Racing
Today's Rank 5283
Date N/A
Publisher Electronic Arts
Date 2004-04-30
Publisher Electronic Arts
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtStep into the ring and prepare for a fight like you've never seen before! EA Sports brings you Fight Night, the most advanced boxing simulation to date. Realistic body damage complete with cuts and swelling, an incredible punch and body control system and state-of-the-art rag-doll effects make Fight Night compellingly real! Create your own fighter and take him through the ranks against the world's greatest pugilists ever seen—Ali, Frasier, Sugar Ray Leonard, Lewis and more!

- Shockingly real fighting physics will bring realism and uncertainty to your fights -
- All-new Controls - One analog stick controls your punches, the other controls your movements. Block, bob & weave, and get into position for that big uppercut
- Over 32 real boxers to test your skills against - Winky Wright, Felix Trinidad, Arturo Gatti, Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali and more
- Realistic damage effects show the fresh cuts and swelling after each fight
- Career Mode takes you through 20 years of boxing matches -- train, prepare and study your opponents, just like a real boxer
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