Final Fantasy XI
Genre Adventure -> RPG
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Date 2004-09-21
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtExpansion pack; Requires FF XI to play Final Fantasy XI: Chains Of Promathia takes you into the aftermath of a great war, as you answer a desperate call to defend your people. In this first ever cross-platform massive multiplayer online game, you'll unite with other warriors as they save their world from utter destruction. Volunteer for missions to defend the world and its people, across 100 different gameplay areas -- mountains, deserts, oceans, castles and dungeons, all with lives of their own. Fight the constant time and weather changes and create a legend.

- In the Great Crystal War, the forces of darkness were defeated. But they have regrouped and are now marching on the cities of Vana'diel. Create a Character and join the fight against an unspeakable evil.
- Each kingdom has its own storyline - as you progress you'll enter other kingdoms and interact with new players, for all-new quests and missions
- The classic Final Fantasy gaming engine returns with cutting-edge graphics, deep storylines, innovative new quests and options
- Customize characters by giving them unique traits and jobs, then go on mini-quests to unlock new classes like Dark Knight, Summoner and Ninja
- Partake in conquest to discover items, earn money, and uncover valuable information about Vana'diel
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