Final Fantasy XII
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Date 2006-10-31
Date 2007-02-23
United Kingdom Retail Box ArtFinal Fantasy X-2 is the first-ever direct sequel to appear in Square's legendary Final Fantasy series of role-playing adventure games. Here the emphasis is placed squarely on the all-female trio of adventurers who make up the player's role-playing team. At the forefront is Yuna, of Final Fantasy X, who makes a heroic return just in time for another wild adventure. What's more, these girls have more about them than most all-girl manufactured pop groups; then, too, they remain at the cutting edge of fashion throughout the game, thanks to a system of costume changes. The game itself is classically typical of the series, sending players on epic missions in a fantastical world of monsters and spectacular otherworldly scenery. This is not a game you'll play for a couple of hours and then forget: Final Fantasy X-2 demands attention--tens of hours' worth. X-2 is a most interesting experiment: the series' feminine side has never been played on as strongly as it has here, and twee features such as Japanese pop music and sporting events feature more prominently than ever before. But it's more than a mere tangent--at its core, Final Fantasy X-2 is a cracking RPG. --Jonti Davies

Every aspect of the graphics brings color to the world of Ivalice—blues and oranges reminiscent of the Mediterranean evoke a landscape alive with a mix of European and Arabian imagery.
Airships feature prominently in FINAL FANTASY XII. They come in all shapes and sizes—the main airship in this story is a medium-sized craft that measures over 1,000 feet from bow to stern. Airships are used for everything from the trading of goods to the waging of war.
The story isn't all that's new—experience an evolved battle system with numerous features never before seen in the FINAL FANTASY series.
1. ADB – Active Dimension Battle is a shift from ATB (Active Time Battle), lending more realism to the battle by allowing seamless switching between the field and the battle scene.
2. Load time between the field and the battle scene that is unrelated to actual gameplay has been eliminated, ensuring smoother gaming.
3. Besides time elements, such as the attack timing, the player
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