Flow: Urban Dance Uprising
Genre Action -> Dancing
Today's Rank 1382
Date 2006-06-15
Publisher Ubisoft
Date 2005-12-09
Publisher Ubisoft
Flow: Urban Dance Uprising Flow: Urban Dance Uprising United Kingdom Retail Box ArtFLOW: Urban Dance Uprising challenges you to tell a story with your body. Whether you're old school, pioneering fresh moves, or new to hip-hop dancing altogether, you've got a story to tell through your moves. Host dance battles, get fit, and master over 100 moves from all schools of urban dance. Rhythm scores you points; Style scores respect. Develop your moves and stamina in three single-player modes Battle against friends in Versus, Break Style, and 8-player Competition mode Pick from 10 different b-boys and girls, or watch yourself dance using the EyeToy USB camera

- Express your skills and style to 50 current, licensed hip-hop tracks
- Learn the foundations of urban dance in Easy mode -- then challenge yourself with power moves in Medium and Expert modes
- Establish your character's rep across town in 100 single-player challenges
- Unlock songs, power moves, custom interfaces, and more
- Get on your dance pad and master over 100 moves per character -- or try them out with your DUALSHOCK 2 Analog controller
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Flow: Urban Dance Uprising North America Retail Box Art

Flow: Urban Dance Uprising United Kingdom Retail Box Art