Formula One 2002
Genre Sport -> Racing
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2002-11-01
Once again racing circuits across the globe are opened up to anyone with a few pounds in their pockets as Sony release Formula One 2002, the latest update to their successful F1 series. As you'd expect from an official FIAA licence, all of the teams and drivers are represented, as are the 16 circuits which make up the World Championship circus--and they look fabulous. Presentation is king here and graphically there's plenty of eye candy to keep everyone entertained. Lush pre-rendered intro sequences rub shoulders with pre-race presentations complemented by introductory commentary that manages to be informative without being over the top. Formula One 2002 contains two race modes, Arcade and Simulation. The Arcade mode is more a game of bumper cars than a serious racing game, though you do get full in-race commentary from the king o' the track Murray Walker; while he does lighten the mood on occasion--"He's off the track and into the kitty litter!"--his repetitive comments will soon have you reaching for the "commentator off" button. In Simulation mode things get more realistic, but it has to be said that the experience still has an arcade-y feel to it. Even on a semi-pro setting it's not difficult to keep up with the pack down the back straights of Monza and the steering is viciously sharp at times, giving a rather detached feeling rather than an immersive one. That said, Formula One 2002 is more instantly playable than EA's F1 2002 (don't get confused by the titles, now) even though it lacks the fanatical level of tweaking EA include in their title. --Chris Russell
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