Future Tactics The Uprising
Genre Strategy -> Strategy
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Date 2004-05-10
Date 2004-12-03
North America Retail Box ArtThe future looks grim for humans unless you've got what it takes to save the world. In Future Tactics: The Uprising you can lead your team of rag-tag human survivors against the multi-dimensional creature overlords who have taken over Earth. Game focuses on action, not stats, and the terrain is reformed as you attack blasting holes in walls, making craters out of meadows and sending boulders flying like toys. Customizable 2-player battle mode lets you modify handicaps, power-ups and victory conditions. Or play 19-level story mode and earn points to upgrade to more powerful weapons.

A unique, turn-based tactical combat engine that's all about the action, not the stats, leaving you more time for destruction.
Really leave your mark on a deformable terrain that changes as you destroy it. Blast holes in the wall, make canyons out of meadows and send boulders flying.
Ultra modern AI-opponents react intelligently to each of your draws.
Compelling story in the 19-level single player Story Mode. Build to suit with an experience point system that lets you upgrade your team with more powerful weapons.
Two-player customisable Battle Mode lets you modify the handicaps, power-ups and victory conditions.
9 uniquely stylised high-polygon RPG characters, each with their own personality and attitude, let loose in a 3D world that is just as rich and full of surprises as they are.
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