Galerians ASH
Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 25441
Date N/A
Publisher Atari
Date 2003-03-28
Publisher Sammy Studio
A futuristic horror/sci-fi game geared towards anime fans, Galerians: Ash places you in a weird future where a sentient computer with delusions of godhood genetically engineers and manipulates humans with telekinetic abilities. The premise and storyline blatantly--and effectively--mimic The Matrix and Dark City (and even Johnny Mnemonic); the graphics, sound and style fall somewhere between Akira and Silent Hill. To those unfamiliar with the original Galerians, this game will make little sense, and unfortunately the frequent cut scenes do little to clarify the storyline. In a nutshell: you are a boy endowed with psychic powers and your brain contains a program that can save humanity from the computer-god. Unfortunately, you suffer from amnesia. And frequent migraine attacks. Or something like that. For the most part, you make your way through the labyrinthine city, solving elaborate puzzles and collecting pharmaceuticals that enable your telekinetic powers. When the baddies appear, you can use a variety of attacks to repel them: conjure fire, levitate your adversaries, throw up a psychic shield and so on. However, if you overuse your abilities, you begin to "short"--a crippling psychic overdose that leaves you invulnerable to outside attack but slowly kills you if you can't find the necessary antidote. Since you battle enemies by manipulating your psychic powers, the game's controls are not exactly intuitive, and the comparative potency and range of your various abilities takes a lot of figuring out. But if you're bored of games that rely on guns, swords or jujitsu, this one offers some unique and inspired twists on first-person combat. Meanwhile, the creepy graphics and grating sound effects create an atmosphere that will either draw you in, or drive you mad. --Maile Bohlmann

- Play Rion as he battles a crew of evil Galerians and their leader Ash to save the future of earth
- Features the traditional arsenal of psychic attacks, plus an array of new ones
- Use an updated portfolio of pharmaceutical neural enhancers to augment your psychic abilities
- Immerse yourself in stunning full 3D environments, both new and familiar from the original game
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