Gauntlet Dark Legacy
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Publisher Midway
Date 2001-06-15
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtWhile it's hard to see why some four-player games are worth the trouble, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy will have gamers begging for their multi-tap and three extra Dual Shock controllers. It's a port of the coin-op of the same name that hit arcades in spring 2000. Much of the setting, action, and controls have survived the translation; the difference here is that there's just more of a good thing. You play as one of eight characters--four from Gauntlet Legends, plus a sorceress, knight, dwarf, and jester. Dark Legacy also features a larger selection of threads for each fighter. Once your character is suitably attired, the game becomes a stab-and-jab fest. Gauntlet: Dark Legacy features the four realms from Gauntlet Legends, plus four new ones and a fantastic new battlefield section. As in Gauntlet Legends, the single player game is good, but it's the multiplayer mayhem that attracts people to the Gauntlet games. --Todd Mowatt

- An all-new take on the 3D hack-and-slash arcade classic Gauntlet
- Revolutionary game design allows up to 4 players to work as a team as they venture through 8 dangerous worlds
- Features special character-based power attacks, magic potions, stunning new power-ups and combination moves
- New levels, new characters and new combat tactics provide a unique and enjoyable multiplayer gaming environment
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