Getaway: Black Monday
Genre Action -> Adventure
Today's Rank 0
Date 2006-09-08
Publisher S.C.E.E.
Date 2004-11-12
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtLondon tends to get overlooked as a backdrop for video games on account of the ever-present gridlock and the relative paucity of firearm-wielding villains. The Getaway: Black Monday ignores both these problems and plunges you into a seedy world of high-speed car chases, exciting shoot-outs and outrageous Cockney accents. Although a passable Grand Theft Auto clone, the original The Getaway was criticised for its stodgy driving model, uneven fight sequences and unappealing characters. This sequel addresses each problem in turn and if it doesn't entirely silence its critics the early preview versions so far shown are still more entertaining than the original game ever was. You'll take the role of three new characters--policeman Mitchell, ex-boxer Eddie O'Conner and petty thief Sam, each with their own skills, abilities, attitude and motivations. The script itself is far less obnoxious than before but more importantly the control system has been completely revamped so that it's far more responsive and fluid. The actual graphics have changed very little, but the already highly detailed representation of London has been markedly improved to include the Underground, many more building interiors and even the Thames.--David Jenkins

- Three playable characters, each with their own agenda, strengths, and resources -- for a variety of gameplay options in one continuous game experience
- Exciting driving missions as you burn up the city streets in the fastest cars in Europe
- Dive into the world of organized crime in London, piecing together the whole story from different perspectives
- Play out all kinds of wild driving missions as you explore a virtual London, filled with shady characters and deadly challenges
- Multiple endings and outcomes depending on which missions and players you choose
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