Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date 2004-11-09
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North America Retail Box ArtGhost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex makes you part of a dangerous storyline in the very near future. In 2030, cyborgs are a fact of life and human brains are linked directly to the Internet. In this wired world, the elite force called Section 9 are on the front lines against terrorist cyborgs and "ghost hackers". When they go after a cyborg arms dealer, they enter deep into a conspiracy of ghost hacking and cybernetic human modification practices. Take control of Section 9 leader Motoko Kusanagi - "The Major" - and take her team to victory! Based on the hit anime

- The machine world is at your disposal here -- jack into security cameras to see enemy positions, control tiny robots to reach areas you can't enter and much more
- Pay attention to your teammates transmissions -- they include valuable help and advance the web of deceit you'll be facing
- Control huge cyborg Batou and the naive, hyper Tachikoma insect-tank robots in glorious side missions
- Use the Major's incredible fighting skills and firepower against deadly cyborgs - multiple high-tech firearms, graceful fighting moves, wall-jumping techniques and even thermal camouflage
- Navigate through maze-like levels as you collect enemy ID codes and complete mission objectives
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