Genre Action -> Adventure
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Publisher Namco
Date 2003-12-05
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtMany people scoff whenever the suggestion is made that video games can be scary, but Ghosthunter proves once and for all that games are the new medium of choice for entertainment with added goose bumps. The game casts you as rookie cop Lazarus Jones, who accidentally sets loose a horde of evil trapped spirits (as you do) and has to take on the job of recapturing them and saving his partner. The obvious problem is that ghosts are incorporeal by nature and it takes one of the insubstantial blighters being fused to Lazarus before he can really take them on. At this point he gains not just the ability to see the evil dead, but also shoot them with his gun and capture them in a special ghost trap/grenade. When in "weapon mode" the game has a rather nice dual control system that allows you to move and fire in another direction at the same time (as long as the rather unhelpful camera system isn't getting in the way)--but thankfully this is more than just another mindless shoot-'em-up. Most of the important ghosts are actually rather difficult to attack directly and you must solve various puzzles, such as getting them to come out of a possessed TV or tricking them into turning on the power in a dilapidated building, before you can start blasting. Like the same team's Primal this is not going to appeal to adrenaline junkies, but for most others this offers a fairly intelligent and atmospheric adventure in ghostbusting. --David Jenkins

- Roam free through macabre locales like a clandestine research lab, a sunken ship and a demon-infested swamp
- Sinister and phantasmagorical landscapes create a chilling, haunting atmosphere as you stalk & capture the spirits
- Choose your weapon - A wide range of earthly and paranormal weapons are yours, from pistols and shotguns to ghost lassos and spectral goggles
- Once you capture a phantom, you'll feed off its power -- They'll give you supernatural abilities and help summon other helpful spirits
- Innovative, player-guided puzzles and tense stealth sequences extend gameplay
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