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On a distant planetoid covered with lush vegetation and turquoise seas, three powerful forces are about to collide in a visually rich, fast-paced game. You play as one of the three species: the technologically powerful Meccaryn (Meccs), the ethereal and sirenlike Sea Reapers, or a behemoth of massive proportions known as Kabuto. Giants: Citizen Kabuto is an intense action-shooter game that also builds in resource and base-building elements used in strategy games. Smarties and Vimps perform these functions by serving as support species. Your job is to collect them to your gain. However, each group uses them differently; for instance, Meccs build their bases with Smarties, while Kabuto eats them for energy. The main thrust of Giants, however, is combat, and each class has an array of interesting weapons. The Meccs employ a destructive array of high-tech armaments. The Sea Reapers call upon magical powers and their priestess, Delphi, who wields a lethal sword and a quiver of bows, while also casting deadly spells. And the giant, Kabuto, uses his massive body weight, wrestling moves, and a handy adrenaline boost. More than 45 challenging and varied missions are available in the PlayStation2 release. Players adventure through 16 island maps in a combat quest for dominance of this stunning planetoid.

- PlayStation 2
- Play as the alien Meccaryns, the ethereal Sea Reapers, or the giant Kabuto
- Unusual blend of action, shooting, and real-time strategy
- Blood and gore, violence
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