Goblin Commander
Genre Strategy -> RTS
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Date N/A
Publisher Jaleco
Date 2004-07-16
Publisher Jaleco
North America Retail Box ArtDestroy and outwit your opponent with Titans, battle-ready vehicles and an army of goblins awaiting your command.

- Engaging battles and tons of destruction, each combined with strategic and tactical elements to keep even the most hardcore RTS fan challenged and satisfied. Easy to play, hard to master.
- Skullkrusher, Plaguespitter, Hellfire, Storm Bringer and Night Horde each possess unique fighting skills and upgrades.
- Mix and match to create unique recipes that will reward the gamer with Squad Bonuses and an extended replay value.
- Directly control unique creatures like the CaveTroll or Warpigpult and battle-ready structures such as a Lens Tower or Electrically Charged Tesla Coil.
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