GTA Liberty City Stories
Genre Action -> Action
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Date 2006-06-06
Publisher Rockstar Games
Date 2006-06-22
Publisher Rockstar Games
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtIn a nutshell:The best selling game on the PSP arrives on the PS2 and at a surprisingly generous budget price too. Return to the original city from Grand Theft Auto III, but with all the subsequent enhancements to the series including motorcycles and computer controlled allies.The lowdown:It's easy to see why this is so far the only gaming to be ported from the PSP to the PS2, since this is basically a whole new Grand Theft Auto game, even if it does take place in the same city as one of the previous games. The missions are exactly the same as in the PSP version, which means they're slightly shorter than usual - originally so as to be better suited to a portable format. The graphics have been improved though with a new silky smooth frame rate, a better draw distance and more cars and pedestrians on the streets. The only problem is that the multiplayer modes from the PSP game have been completely removed, which is a shame, but then Rockstar probably don't want this to steal Grand Theft Auto IV's thunder.Most exciting moment:As ever with GTA the best bit of the game isn't the missions but just exploring the city and getting into trouble. If you ever get bored of just random mayhem though there are tons of side quests including the usual chances to be a vigilante and paramedic, as well as pizza delivery man and even a dustbin man!Since you ask:Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories has already been announced for release this October on the PSP. So far a version hasn't been confirmed for the PlayStation 2 and nor is there any word of a possible San Andreas Stories. They do seem like safe bets though.The bottom line:A miniaturised GTA adventure at a miniaturised price.Harrison Dent

- Massive non-linear storyline penned by an award-winning writing team
- Professional character voice acting and production
- All-new soundtrack with the in-game radio stations that Grand Theft Auto made famous
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