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North America Retail Box ArtSpeedboat races in this game take place across the solar system, on rivers and lakes, through canals, and over frozen seas--wherever water gets intense. For the racers, the stakes are high, with lucrative cash prizes and even more lucrative corporate sponsorships awaiting the best. H2Overdrive features several single- and multiplayer gameplay modes, including championship, simple race, duel, survival, checkpoint, Ghost, and Cat and Mouse. The game features 10 huge, incredible tracks, ranging from Icelandic splendors to an amusement park and even to a human body. Each of the 10 colorful characters is rendered in real-time 3-D in his or her vehicle. There are also tons of fanciful secret areas, weapons, and hidden tracks. The beautiful graphics are enhanced by environment mapping, dynamic lighting for boats and characters, procedural water, water spray, water deformation effects, and scenery lens flare. The game's AI picks its ideal course on the fly, so no two races will ever be the same.
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