Genre Action -> FPS
Today's Rank 14716
Date 2001-11-14
Publisher V.U.G.
Date 2001-11-30
Publisher V.U.G.
Deep under the ground of a remote US desert scientists are experimenting on creatures of unknown origin. You are Gordon Freeman, one of those scientists, and during a routine day at work something goes very wrong. A time rift develops, allowing aliens to slip into your reality. When you regain consciousness the facility is in ruins, aliens are everywhere and to make things worse, the government is sending the Marines in to clean up whats left - including any survivors.

Brand new cooperative game, Half-Life: Decay.
Battle your friends in split-screen deathmatch.
All new skirmish mode allows players to simulate deathmatch.
Improved characters and environments the most visually captivating graphics to date!
Incredible new special effects created to leverage the power of the PS2.
Terrifyingly intelligent Enemy AI that can assess threats, run in packs, and shows a distaste for suicide runs.
New Skeletal Animation System gives monsters the most fluid and complex motion ever seen in an action game.
Explore never-before-seen areas of Black Mesa.
USB Mouse and Keyboard support.
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