Genre Action -> Action
Today's Rank 18990
Date N/A
Publisher Bethesda
Date 2002-03-22
North America Retail Box ArtOne of Sega's last games for their ill-fated Dreamcast console has now been ported over to the PS2: the sleek, action-packed and highly addictive Headhunter is, in short, a game not to be missed. Set in the future, where crime is fought by paid mercenaries, you play one such Headunter--in this case suffering from a memory lapse. The key to the game is exploration, puzzle solving and all-out action, the aim being to regain your memory and solve a murder case while you're at it. Easy, huh? You undertake these tasks on road and on foot. On road, you need to ride your bike to the various locations across the map, and on foot you have to get to grips with sneaking around, uncovering clues and taking out bad guys. The slightly clumsy controls don't help, as every now and then you'll find yourself unable to do exactly what you want, when you need to. It's a shame, because it's one of the very few flaws this otherwise-superb game has. For in the plus column are the excellent story line, the tense, compulsive gameplay, the well constructed game world and the continuous pacing of the action. A genuine treat--enjoy it.--Simon Brew

- Cutting-edge stealth action, such as slithering against walls, peeking around corners and attacking enemies from behind in total anonymity.
- Play as both ruthless Headhunter Jack Wade and his alluring accomplice, Angela Stern.
- Rip through the streets at speeds of over 200 mph on an ultra-bad bounty hunting motorcycle.
- Various license tests challenge gamers' Headhunting skills and unlock hidden game features.
- Intense gameplay action in both third- and first-person perspectives.
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