Herdy Gerdy
Genre Action -> Platform
Today's Rank 21405
Date N/A
Publisher Eidos
Date 2002-02-22
Publisher Eidos
Herdy Gerdy is set on an idyllic island populated by an assortment of weird and wonderful creatures; you play Gerdy, a young boy whose father has been put under a sleeping spell on the day he was to compete in the island's annual herding tournament. Gerdy has to win the tournament to save him; each part of his journey to the tournament consists of a level that contains an amount of doops, bleeps and other bizarre wildlife that has to be herded into appropriate pens. Once the required quotas are reached, the next level is unlocked. All this is made difficult by the island's predators who feed on the smaller creatures requiring you to keep them apart, though helpful items can be obtained from the various stereotypical game characters that you come across to aid you in your quest. The locations are lovingly created in cel-shaded splendour and look fantastic. The opening levels consist of lush meadows filled with chirping insects and butterflies before moving on to snowy mountains and desert towns; each contains a hundred bells that can unlock cheats to further longevity when collected. Herdy Gerdy's main drawback is its camera, which lurches around and often gets lodged behind scenery; this is especially frustrating when trying to lure something into a trap or manoeuvring through narrow passages, as it zooms in directly behind Gerdy, making it difficult to see what lies ahead. This, coupled with some torturous loading times, really flaws an otherwise impressive game. With so much going for it, though, anyone armed with the requisite patience could overlook these faults and end up really enjoying the experience.--Jonathan Winter

- PlayStation 2
- Play the role of a herder named Gerdy whose father has been put to sleep by the Master Herder
- Players need to herd a variety of different animals into the pens located throughout each level
- Comic mischief
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