Hot Shots Golf Fore
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date 2004-03-15
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North America Retail Box ArtHot Shots Golf Fore! is the fourth installment of the golf game that changed the way you play. It has provides breathtaking graphics and true-to-life golf physics, along with new golfers, caddies and courses. There's even a great new miniature golf and unique online gameplay mode. It's more of the fast-paced gameplay that fans of the franchise have grown to love! Unlock more prizes than ever - advanced golf equipment, new courses, characters and tons of wacky golf gadgets Miniature golf returns with a wacky new twist, and against thousands of Hot Shots Golf fans from across the nation

- Play as one of 30 off-the-wall characters on 15 different courses
- Range of difficultly levels from challenging 18-hole to par three courses
- Play in tour, tournament, versus, training, and online modes
- Experience spectacular lighting, dramatic camera angles, and realistic golf physics
- For 1 to 4 players, and more in online mode
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