Hunter The Reckoning Wayward Review

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Graphics: 6.5
Sound : 7.0
Gameplay : 7.0
Multiplayer : 8.0
Overall : 7.0
Review by Patrick 'Rhett' Moore

A while ago, when the first Hunter game came exclusively to the Xbox, a lot of people such as myself were disappointed because of this. Then the company finally listened to the people, and made a PS2 exclusive version; with new characters, a new interface, new levels, and new guns. I was very happy to get my hands on this release, for I have waited for a long time for a game like this.


The game starts with 4 unique characters. Each character has its own looks and gameplay differences, such as the one I chose, had a handgun and sword, and wasn't very fast, whereas the other character had a pole and submachine gun, and ran very fast. So I started the level, and after figuring out the controls, I ran around thrashing off zombie heads, and shooting undead spirits, which is very fun and addictive – although repetitive.

Difficulty isn't very high, you can set it in Options, but if you're not careful you will have trouble even on the easiest of settings. One person can't take on a wide army of zombies, so you must be a lot more careful than usual, and the lack of finding ammo means even scarcer a chance. There are health powerups though, and they replenish mana and health, and regenerate themselves – but these show up when a few more than usual Zombies appear and try to hunt you down. Ammo usually comes plentiful in these times, but is still scarce. Most times you'll end up getting cornered without ammo (or really low amounts of it) and have to use an edge or fight melee to get yourself out.

As you get later in the game, you run into many different optional objectives on previous levels. You end up visiting these levels up to 4 times, because you need to find a 'Piece of silver' or 'Piece of a chaingun', although if you find them, they add up to a nice bonus like that actual Chaingun weapon. Although most times you get annoyed at this and just pass it up. Gameplay is unique, and like a survival horror arcade game (although the gameplay isn't as creepy as in Resident Evil).


The graphics are nice, and the zombies' arms and legs can be chopped off to provide a nice gory thirst. The characters and levels themselves have the best overall graphics; the characters are all unique and have different clothing and accessories – while the levels are nicely designed but consist of mostly open areas with monsters. Melee weapons also leave a trace behind them, like a swoosh, and sometimes have a reflection on them (like the sword). I wouldn't say so far that this is the game's strongest point, but it will keep some people entertained enough because of all the gore and the killing.


The sound of a zombie's head flying off onto the ground (and many other various limbs), comes out in a mildly bland way. The action in the game is mostly ''Ughhh....Grrr...GROWL....mmmuurmmm..." and the different guns and weapons slicing off body parts. Guns mostly sound the same except for the Crossbow, which makes an adequate ''launching'' noise. The only thing that actually made me keep the sound on was the easter-egg songs littered around levels. You can find various artists with 'Rock' and 'Heavy Metal' type music, to run around to, and listen to them during the game. Neat, but still mediocre.


The strongest point in this game is also the most overlooked. The game's life is extended with the 2 player cooperative mayhem, but sometimes it can get really annoying when someone wants to go North, and the other, South. It just locks the camera until someone goes with the other player. Playing with 2 people is fun, but at some times competitive, as one player might argue that the other player took a shotgun that he needed more. Multiplayer is excellent and not fully implemented at the same time. But still a blast.


Overall, I think this can be a fun but addictive arcade shooter, and with a horror theme, easy controls, and guns galore, it will not be overlooked. With not many other competitors in the genre of ultra-fast massive monster slaying, this game deserves at least a weekend rental.