Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date 2006-09-12
Publisher Namco
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Publisher N/A
IGPX IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix lets players will experience a new type of racing thrill! In the year 2049, the most popular sport in the world combines high speed motor racing with 3 vs. 3 team battles. The Immortal Grand Prix pits teams of 3 players in IG Machines against each other at breakneck speeds of over 350 miles per hour, all while battling over 60 mile tracks that constantly change. Players can test their skills in Grand Prix Mode, Grand Prix Battles, Simulation Battles, and the vaunted IGPX Festival -- which includes a 3 vs. 3 Dream Match and a Battle Royale!

- Use customizable IG Machines, team-based combination attacks, and changing courses to your advantage
- Compete against 16 unique IGPX teams, and face over 30 different types of enemies
- Players can choose from over 100 customizable IG Machine parts, and over 70 types of race courses
- Intense 3 vs. 3 battles - Exciting battles require new strategies in order to pull off powerful team combination attacks
- Winners aren't chosen until the end of the race, so players can force opposing teams to crash on the roller-coaster like obstacle filled courses for an added advantage
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