Jak 2
Genre Action -> Platform
Today's Rank 1515
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Date 2006-09-08
Publisher S.C.E.E.
Date 2003-10-17
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtThe original is widely regarded as the best 3-D platformer for the PS2 ever, so Jak II: Renegade is going to appeal to anyone that loved Jak and Daxter. Things aren't quite how they used to be though, for although the first game was a very Rare-esque happy cartoon adventure, this one is rather darker and more violent (and packs some surprisingly harsh language). As the game begins Jak is captured by the evil Baron Praxis and subjected to all sorts of torturous tests and experiments in the two years it takes for Daxter to find and rescue him--the happy-go-lucky adventurer from the first game has been replaced by a mean and moody fugitive out for revenge. As well as taking a rather unhealthy interest in various high-powered weaponry, Jak's two years of incarceration have also left him with the ability to transform, Hulk-like, into the extra-surly Dark Jak, which apart from pumping him up to Arnie-style muscle levels also allows him to use Dark Eco magic. Also new for this sequel is the fact that Jak has his own hoverboard, which he carries around wherever he goes and can be used at any time. And if even that seems like too much bother, nearly all the other vehicles in the game can be commandeered and used if you need a bit more speed or extra firepower. There's a bit more competition in terms of quality PS2 platformers now than when the original game came out, but this is still one of the best, and a genuine improvement on what came before. --David Jenkins

- Take control of Jak and enter a new game world for all-new missions in fantastic new platformer levels
- Meet a cast of characters with personal agendas, entangled motives and mysterious relationships
- Fight your way through hordes of enemies using the classic attacks and tail-bashing, or use a new arsenal of weapons
- Ride Jak's new hoverboard up mountains and ramps, or across large gaps, for a new level of freedom in gameplay
- Explore visually stunning and intricately detailed environments, including a massive metropolis three times larger than the original world of Jak and Daxter!
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