Jaws Unleashed
Genre Action -> Adventure
Today's Rank 3465
Date 2006-05-23
Publisher Majesco
Date 2006-10-13
Publisher Majesco
North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtJaws is a new kind of 3rd-person adventure, where you become the deadly ocean predator from the classic movies. Driven mad by low-frequency radio waves, you'll eliminate the oil drilling crews and equipment responsible for the frenzy-causing emissions. Armed with 3000 teeth and powered by 5000 pounds of muscle, you will hunt down and annihilate your enemies in an accurate undersea world. Over 25 points of disconnection, allowing characters and objects to be torn apart by Jaws, piece by piece Follow story-based missions, enounter side missions or roam the island area causing havoc

- Take control of Jaws the great white shark in locations from JAWS film universe
- 10+ meticulously detailed, destructible environments; multiple side missions
- Unleash real-time damage on intelligent enemies, vehicles, and structures
- Perform underwater, surface, and air attacks via user-friendly combat system
- Follow story-based missions or choose to freely roam the island
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