Justice League Heroes
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date 2006-10-17
Publisher Eidos
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail Box ArtJustice League Heroes is role-playing action starring the world's greatest heroes! For the first time on current generation consoles, 1 or 2 players can play as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Zatanna and others -- The Justice League. They'll face a legion of notorious villains, as Brainiac and his cronies try to conquer the world and eliminate the Justice League forever. Using the extraordinary superpowers and amazing skills of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and other favorite DC Comics super heroes, players must join the Justice League to ultimately save humanity from Brainiac and the dark forces that lurk in the universe.

- Customize, control, and command the most powerful super hero force in the universe - Unite Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Wonder Woman and other extraordinary characters
- Learn new combination powers and make the heroes your own by forging specialized boosts for their superpowers
- Use objects in the destructible environment against your enemies at will and experience firsthand the awesome force of your superpowers in battle
- Play in cooperative team and single-player modes
- Story voiced by talent including Ron Perlman, Michael Jai White, Chris Edgerly, Ralph Garman and more
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