Karaoke Revolution Review

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Graphics: 8.0
Sound : 9.5
Gameplay : 8.5
Multiplayer : 9.5
Overall : 9.0
Review by Steven Ziegler
I have no singing talents whatsoever. You could talk to any person I know, and they would tell you I’m no Michael Jackson (is this the right time to bring him up?). Plus, Konami created such classics as the DDR and Metal Gear Solid series. That was enough information for me to pick up Karaoke Revolution to review (Self humiliation is fun in your eyes, isn't it? - Editor).

Let’s face it. There is a shortage of Karaoke based games. Many game developers don’t see this genre as profitable enough to base video games on, that is until Konami stepped in. Konami is famous for at least 3 different major game titles. Metal Gear Solid, Dance Dance Revolution, and Winning Eleven series. In my books, Karaoke Revolution should be added in there as well.

The gameplay is simple yet affective. Karaoke Revolution plays out like a karaoke machine, but you are rated upon your performance. There are three main gameplay modes. Single, Multi, and Practice mode. The one mode that will be occupying the most time is the Multiplayer mode. Up to eight people can be playing at once. As each player sings, you are given points for lining up with the game’s pitches. The longer and more combos you can string together, the more points are rewarded.

In terms of a story mode, there is one, if you can call it that. The story mode revolves around you choosing a character and singing his/her way up to success. Though the plot sounds interesting, the story itself only lasts 30 minutes or so.

The main attraction however, is the Multiplayer mode. This game seemed so appealing, I requested my family to a session of Karaoke Revolution.. That’s right, with my family. What is great about Karaoke is that it is family oriented. Sure, murdering victims by the dozen is fun, but an 'E’ rated game every now and then doesn’t hurt.

Karaoke Revolution also features a wide array of music titles. With such titles as 'Billie Jean’, 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot’, ' You Really Got Me Now’, you are guaranteed to have fun for hours to come. Not only is there a great deal of songs, Konami is planning to release expansion discs to further the game’s collection. Each song has a rating from one to three mics. One being the easiest, and three being the hardest. Unlike DDR, it is necessary to have an operating USB Headset (there are two flavours of the game in stores – one featuring a mic and retailing for around $20 more, and one without it).

Surprisingly, Karaoke Revolution’s graphics are quite pleasurable as well. For being a karaoke game, there are up to 9 venues, from a State Fair to a Subway. Positioned around you are of course, your band and beautiful environments. Character modeling is also exceptionally well done. The A.I. react to your singing performance. If it's horrible, fans will boo at you, and if you sing with radiance, the listeners will jump and scream in joy. If you watch the extra features, you will see that they've recorded over 100+ moves for all the characters.


For a karaoke based game, Karaoke Revolution hits the spot. It bundles great gameplay, graphics, and astonishing sound to create a wonderful game. For anyone hoping to look for a party or family friendly game, Karaoke Revolution is a definite must.