Kessen 3
Genre Strategy -> Wargames
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Date 2005-02-23
Publisher N/A
Date 2005-05-13
Publisher Koei
North America Retail Box ArtKessen III brings the strategy classic across the ocean, to America. Experience massive real-time battles after hashing out tactics and strategy, and try to unite a disparate nation. You are a military leader during medieval Japan's "Sengoku", the era of warring states. As the young, bold and intelligent Oda Nobunaga, you'll bring peace by conquering them all.

- Plan out massive troop movements and battles and watch them play out inbreathtaking graphics
- Authentic weapons and equipment from the era to equip your men with - more than 450 different types of weapons and armor
- Direct real-time control of troop movements, offensives, and defensive maneuvers - allied units can join player units for combination attacks
- Incredible specialty attacks from Ninja Strikes and Katana Deathwheels, to Spear Walls, and Cavalry Charges for defeating your enemies
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