Kill Switch
Genre Action -> Action
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Date N/A
Publisher Namco
Date 2004-02-20
North America Retail Box ArtAnother day, another third-person shoot-em-up--but with its quirky storyline and neat combat features, kill.switch manages to raise its head above the gaming parapet without getting its helmet shot off. Unusually for a run-and-gun title, the plotline is clouded in mystery: it's made apparent the player isn't (in fact) the on-screen character but is controlling him over a neural link; there's an intriguing storyline relating to how the situation came to be and what the nature of the link and the relationship with the soldier really is. Added to this rather novel aspect is the introduction of some entertaining combat moves, including the ability to blindfire--this involves hiding behind obstacles and poking a machine gun over the top in the desperate hope that something will end up full of lead. This combination of ingenious plotline and novel combat methods gives kill.switch that little extra boost in the entertainment stakes and make it stand out from its peers. Graphically, the game looks very nice; the environments are nicely detailed and the character models do a good job of representing the subject matter. One thing that does niggle, however, is the camera: the angles used to represent the third-person view can occasionally get stuck in the scenery or trapped inside the player's shoulder, disturbing the feeling of immersion. It's certainly irritating, but by no means a reason not to play through to the game's conclusion. There's a lot going for kill.switch: it's entertaining, has some novel twists and turns in the storyline and gives a lot of bang for the proverbial buck. It's definitely worth a look for the casual gamer and for those looking for something which attempts to break the mould of typical third-person shooters. --Chris Russell

- Offensive Cover System: Dynamically use your environment as cover hug objects and terrain, popping out to fire from protected positions.
- Blindfire: Lay down suppressing fire without even looking!
- Sophisticated AI: Your enemies use all of the same tactics available to you, including cover and blindfire, but also communicate and work as teams to take you down.
- 15 Action-Packed Scenarios: Compelling story-driven campaign featuring diverse missions and objectives that span the globe.
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