King of Fighters Maximum Impact
Genre Action -> Fighting
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Date 2004-10-12
Publisher SNK
Date 2005-03-04
Publisher Ignition Ent.
North America Retail Box ArtHere it is, the first ever 3D version of the most popular fighting franchise in history, The King of Fighters Maximum Impact. Gamers from around the world will be able to finally play as their favorite SNK character in full 3D with beautifully rendered backgrounds and full flowing animation. A city lay in ruins as rival gangs are at war all vying for the chance to rule the underworld of Southtown. A small group destined to take the city back has established a meeting with the maniacal leader of the most powerful gang, Mephistopheles. On one condition, to be in this meeting, one must prove themselves by defeating the greatest fighters in the world.

- PlayStation 2
- T (teen)
- Action
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