Kingdom Hearts 2
Genre Action -> Adventure
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Date 2006-03-28
Date 2006-09-29
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North America Retail Box ArtUnited Kingdom Retail Box ArtIn a nutshell:The worlds of Disney and Final Fantasy collide again with the strangest mix of characters in gaming. Mickey Mouse goes toe-toe with Sephiroth in one of Square Enix’s best action games to date -- and one of the most lavish productions of all time.The lowdown:The original Kingdom Hearts was one of the best looking games on the PS2 but it didn’t quite have the gameplay to match its production values. This sequel fixes almost all of the original’s camera and control problems with an action role-playing game that’s heavy on the action but light on the difficultly (in fact it’s probably a bit too easy most of the time). Combat isn’t complex but it is a lot of fun and the near infinite array of disparate characters and locations means it’s impossible to guess what’s coming next. As well as superb graphics the voice cast is excellent, with many of the original Disney actors reprising their roles. If you don’t like Disney or Final Fantasy you’ll be missing out on a lot of the appeal, but if you are a fan this is a dream come true.Most exciting moment:Fighting evil alongside Donald Duck, Goofy and Captain Jack Sparrow – just before you take a visit to the computerised world of Tron.Since you ask:Not only does the game feature characters and locations from movies as diverse as Pirates of the Caribbean and Steamboat Willie, it also includes the likes of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII and Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII.The bottom line:A great improvement on the original with one of the biggest cast lists in gaming.Harrison Dent

- Explore both new and familiar worlds from Kingdom Hearts, plus new Disney worlds to the Kingdom Hearts franchise, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Beauty and the Beast and Mulan
- A more advanced battle system that allows for a wider range of commands, powerful new combos, and cooperative attacks with members of your party, introducing another layer of strategy
- All-new Drive command that lets Sora change into a variety of new forms, altering his skills and abilities
- A revamped camera system that keeps you in the middle of the action
- New transportation system that takes Sora and friends from world to world in the style of theme park rides
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