Genre Action -> Platform
Today's Rank 33582
Date 2005-05-20
Publisher Atari
Date N/A
Publisher N/A
North America Retail 
Box ArtKnights of Honor gives you the chance to conquer all of Europe, by fair or by foul means. The mix of real-time strategy and massive wargaming lets you live the massive events that shaped European history - and use them to your advantage. Your Knights are the key -- brave, bold warriors who will live and die by your command. Use them to fight wars, manage provinces and secure trade agreements with the other rulers. Manage them wisely, and be rewarded with the title of Emperor.

- Secure trade routes to bring prosperity to your kingdom, and establish alliances to ensure protection from unsavory neighbors.
- Multiplayer that allows for up to six players to try their hand at conquest.
- Lead one of more than 100 countries to victory in the Medieval European theatre.
- Three Middle Ages periods to start from: Early, High, and Late, with each period featuring kingdoms and factions appropriate to that era.
- Unique and seamless blend of real-time combat and empire building gameplay.
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