LMA Manager 2002
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date 2002-04-19
Publisher Codemasters
Despite fierce competition, it was Codemasters who emerged triumphant with the original PlayStation's best football-management game. And with the long-awaited PS2 version of LMA Manager 2002, they've now set the standard for the next generation of machines too. The game quickly embraces the extra power of the PS2--loading times are thankfully reduced, the visuals are that bit smarter, and you can now manage more teams from across Europe. The essential core of the game, though, is still the same. With a set budget--covering wages as well as transfer fees--and board expectations, you have to take your team to glory through shrewd management, tactical nous and a little bit of luck. Deceptively sophisticated, LMA Manager 2002 is a very tricky game to put down. Thanks to a fluid user interface, it's easy to control the many factors at your fingertips, and when it gets to the match screen, nobody does it better. The game gives you the option of watching the match itself, which thus opens up many more tactical opportunities than just a text-based match screen; it's very well done, and arguably the key selling point of the whole game. While it lacks the sheer depth of the PC's Championship Manager series, Codemasters have allowed their football-management franchise to develop in its own niche, and rightly win its own army of followers. And those supporters won't be disappointed by the PS2 version, which is undoubtedly the best to date. --Simon Brew
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