LMA Manager 2004
Genre Sport -> Sport
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Date N/A
Publisher N/A
Date 2004-03-12
Publisher Codemasters
Wisely keeping the core of operations pretty much in tact, LMA Manager 2004 is more about refinement than anything radical. But refined it certainly is, with improvements to be found right throughout the game. For those new to the franchise, LMA Manager works for several reasons. It's easily accessible, designed around a console controller and, when it gets to match day, gives you the option of watching a game rather than presenting you solely with rolling statistics. It's this match-day section that's always put it ahead of its console brethren, as not only is it visually healthy, it genuinely allows you to see your tactics work or fail before your eyes. Then, if things aren't going to plan, you can make interventions that have a real impact. This match-day section has been tightened notably for the 2004 release and now works better than ever. Furthermore, the game has several other enhancements of note. The new expert mode, for instance. is a rock-solid challenge for those who like their games particularly tricky--and LMA Manager 2004 is no pushover as it stands. Then there's the added depth of the tactical side, which allows you to tweak your approach on a player-by-player basis. It's also worth noting that the number of statistics packed in have headed north: when combined with the freshly added leagues that have made their way into the game, the result is a very buoyant in-game transfer market. Perhaps the biggest criticism you can level at it is that it hasn't really evolved an enormous amount. But that doesn't detract from the fact that LMA Manager 2004 is an exceptionally strong title that will keep you glued to your console for a very long time. --Simon Brew
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