Manhunt Review

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Graphics: 9.0
Sound : 8.5
Gameplay : 8.0
Multiplayer : N/A
Overall : 8.5
Review by Matt Desmond
Ok, it is official, I have issues. Sure I thought I did for a while, but after playing and enjoying a game like Manhunt, I know I need to seek professional help.

Gameplay revolves around the sole premise of; kill as many people as you can as sadistically as possible. No game has been so brutally raw when it comes to deaths, even the fatalities from Mortal Kombat look cuddly compared to this title. Impaling a crowbar through someone’s windpipe, suffocating someone to death with a plastic bag, and bashing someone over the head with a baseball bat are only a taste of Manhunt’s brutality and that’s just the first level.

The game does actually have a story which is weak at best, but a story just so it’s not “senseless” killing. Basically, you were put to death and then you are brought back to life so some movie producer can film you killing people so he can release another movie. All totally believable, of course. So you prance around the levels carrying as many weapons as your grubby little hands can hold - the plastic bag in the pocket is a great fashion accessory - and sneak up on the unsuspecting victim then kill them ruthlessly. All in all, great fun.

The audio of the game is pretty dark, but it is dead on. Everything comes out crystal clear as you step on gravel, glass, and the pavement, possibly alerting nearby enemies if you aren’t careful. There isn’t any gaudy music soundtrack, although some death metal could have spiced the game up just a little. But if you actually bought this game for the audio and not the blood bath, I don’t know what you were thinking.

Of course, bringing the carnage to your pupils could have been a daunting task for a developer used to bringing bright colors and comic like characters to the screen, (see, Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City) however, bringing the dark dingy world of wherever you are was done amazingly well. My favorite part is the cut-scenes you are exposed to when you kill someone. Zooming in on the victim as you choke them to death is pretty cool, although the best is any kill where blood is involved because blood gets thrown on the screen and blurs the vision a little.


Overall, the game was GREAT. Sure it got a little boring here and there, but surprisingly there is a great replay value. Every section of a level gets a rating, and depending on your rating allows you access to cheats (which must be unlocked to be used), pictures, and other goodies. The game is an amazing stress reliever as well – there’s nothing like beating the crap out of someone with a bat who only has their hands to defend themselves. Definitely give this one my seal of approval, oh and Doc, I’m ready for my medication...